Afrika Shrine play host to inaugural ShaKu Shaku concert

The Afrika Shrine will play host to a first of its kind event on the 13th of September, titles “Shaku Shaku night” featuring many of Nigeria’s prominent artistes.

The New Afrika Shrine is an open air entertainment centre located in Ikeja, Lagos State. It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival. Currently managed by Femi Kuti (eldest son of Fela Kuti) and Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti, it is the replacement of the old Afrika Shrine created in 1970 by Fela Kuti until it was burnt down in 1977.

The New Afrika Shrine showcases photo galleries of Fela and music performances by Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti thus making it a tourist attraction.

Only July 3, 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Shrine and pre-launched the Season of African Cultures 2020 in France. Macron said he had visited the Shrine as a student in 2002.

It is to host the 1st of its kind event on the 13th of September titiles “shaku shaku night”.featuring artist like.


Seun Kuti spits out anger on Hushpuppi’s Gucci

Hmmm…guys looks like Seun Kuti will be shopping in your local shops soon as he says he is done buying expensive clothes for his kids.

Can u shaku shaku like me? Toh classy and ‘culshural’ #edeysweetmeforbody

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The singer shared his frustrations via his Instagram page on Monday, August 13, 2018, where he posted a photo of his cute daughter wearing a really beautiful dress. According to him, he was done buying these insanely expensive clothes for his daughter.

“I remember this day very vividly. Never buying expensive clothes for my kids. Can’t tell u how much I bough that effing dress she’s wearing. These brands are sucking the life out of black people!! The attachment to the ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ still has the same effect as slavery trust me. Gucci gang naaaah more like Gucci’s slave. 

RIP BOURDAIN. Sometimes it has to be your call!! #nojudgement #noregrets

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“Well back to my personal rant. Now I asked @chefyeide for it and she says. Haba, she is four now she can’t fit in it anymore, whaaaaaaat really? For that price this dress should grow with @adarakuti if that’s not the case GET THE SAX,” he wrote.

So if you are a personal shopper or have an affordable shop for kids, Seun Kuti might be visiting you soon. Seun Kuti like we all know is a vocal about both social and political issues, as we can all recall the last he went to call on everyone to pass a vote of no confidence on the political system.

Soaring……….. always soaring. #EiyeNla. #Bigbird 📸 @ysmn.smry

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Seun Kuti says it is time to cast a vote of no confidence on the political system

The election season is almost here and Seun Kuti is advocating that it is time to cast a vote of no confidence on the political system. The singer, activist and son to music legend, Fela Kuti made this known on Monday, June 4, 2018, via his Instagram where he said it is pointless picking up PVCs when we don’t even know we are voting for.

“Shouting GET YOUR PVC UPANDAN. WHAT ARE WE VOTING FOR? My brother my sister not voting in a system that fails to represent you isn’t a lack of participation. It only becomes that if you are not actively building the system you want outside of the oppressive state. PVC na person contract ooo if u don’t collect dem sef no go collect bar, hence the advert not because it helps us.

Living my best life. If u know u know. !!!

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“The leadership that must representing us will not be about winning elections or chasing your votes but will be about empowering our minds and inspiring our consciousness. It will, by its own positive essence, spur us to participate in its own party politics. We shall all be interested in its delegates and candidates for every primary and election respectively. It’s shall be OUR PARTY. When u see the party it will be your reflection.

You gotta love your sweat! Be one with the work! 📸 @sanne_de_wilde

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“Then and only then do the people have a party. My people, PVC collection isn’t participation, it’s manipulation. Don’t let anyone force you to endorse their system until you are sure it represents you. Time to cast a vote of no confidence in the political system and build our own! This is the task of the #liberationgeneration,” he wrote.

Seun Kuti is one of the sons of music legend, Fela Kuti and has gone on to become one of the biggest singers in this part of the world.