FRSC Officials accused of causing accident beaten black-and-blue by angry crowd

Road safety is an integral part of any government and as such, they have to make sure they have a body to ensure the safety of lives and properties. The Federal Government of Nigeria has such a body called the Federal Road Safety Corps. Unfortunately, some of these officials have turned into gods simply because of the position they have found themselves. They terrorize drivers and force them to bribe them. Those who don’t agree with their terms could be taken to their office where they are forced to pay a huge fine.

This is the case of two Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) officials who were humiliated publicly and beaten by an angry mob after allegedly causing a ghastly motor accident in Anambra state. According to online reports, it was alleged by the crowd that the road safety officials who mounted a checkpoint in the area, were fond of collecting bribes from motorists and were reportedly chasing a passenger bus before the accident occurred after colliding with another vehicle. It was gathered that many of the passengers in the bus were seriously injured after the crash including a pregnant woman.

The accident was said to have caused anger among the residents who caught two of road safety men and dealt with them in public. They were forced to sit in the middle of the road while they begged for forgiveness.

In the pictures shared, the uniformed men can be seen sitting on the floor, in the middle of the road as the angry mob beat and kicked them and ignored their pleas.
An armed policeman was present as he begged the residents to have mercy on the officials and stop beating them.
The victims of the accidents have been rushed to an hospital for treatment.

Driver in trouble as Nina flees with N5million car

Car theft is not uncommon in Nigeria. It is one of the most frequent crimes that occur in Nigeria and more often that not, most of the stolen vehicles are never found again.

A 54 year-old driver of the chairman of an outsourcing firm in Ikoyi, Lagos State, has landed in trouble after a sex worker allegedly fled with his boss’ Kia Sorento sports utility vehicle valued at N5.4m. The ‘sex worker’, identified only as Nina, reportedly fled with the vehicle at a filling station in Ikoyi immediately the driver, Victor Dossa, came down to fuel it.

It was learnt that Dossa, who lives on Ikoyi Crescent, usually took the vehicle to his house after taking his boss home at the close of work. It was gathered that Dossa drove the vehicle to Obalende around 11pm to convey Nina to his house, perhaps to have fun together overnight.

They were reportedly returning home; Nina drove the vehicle and suggested that they stopped at a nearby filling station to buy fuel. When Dossa came down from the vehicle to monitor how the fuel being bought was being dispensed, Nina took off in the car. The case was said to have been reported to the police at the Onikan Police Division and the driver was arrested.

Dossa, happens to be from Benin Republic, reportedly told the police that he first met Nina in the Obalende area a week before the incident. “I was brought to Nigeria in 2004 by the company chairman. I work with him as a driver in charge of the Kia Sorento SUV with the number plate, BDG 644 BJ. Whenever I closed from work, I parked the vehicle in my house. The following day, I would go and pick my boss from his house to the office.

“My boss did not come to the office on August 17, 2018, so the vehicle was in my house throughout. Around 11pm, I drove it to Obalende to pick a sex worker whom I met a week earlier. I only know her as Nina. On our way back to my house, she drove the vehicle while I was at the front passenger seat. She stopped at a filling station along Awolowo Road to buy fuel. She gave money to pay for the fuel. The moment I came down from the vehicle, she zoomed off. I don’t know how to locate her. I don’t know any of her friends either.” Dossa was subsequently brought before Court by a police prosecutor, Sergeant Francisca Job, on two counts of conspiracy and stealing.

Woman caught while attempting to sell 2-month old baby to Sweden

Child trafficking has been a thing of menace for so long and the government has been trying to stop the persistence of these evil perpetrators.

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP is prosecuting four persons for alleged offenses of rape, child theft, child labour and abuse. One of the alleged culprits, a 43 year-old man named Stephanie Bassey who is from Akwa Ibom State and lived in Sweden was brought to NAPTIP in August this year by the officers of the intelligence and International Cooperation after she was handed over by the Embassy of Sweden in Nigeria on the Suspicion that she was not the biological mother of a two month old baby she came to get a visa for.

She insisted she had been pregnant for her husband in Sweden but that medical examinations could not detect the pregnancy over there and was advised to return to her state where the pregnancy could be detected and she would be assisted to deliver safely.Though the DNA test conducted on her and the baby boy showed that there was no biological relationship between them, Mrs. Bassey maintained her claim that she delivered the baby through the help of a midwife in Uyo.

The second case had to do with child labour and abuse allegedly effected by a 37 year-old woman named Mrs. Ifeoma Obinwa, a residence of Dutse Alhaji, in the Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
She was accused to have inflicted grievous bodily harm on her 14-year-old house help on the 12th of September by beating her and placing a hot knife on her buttock. Mrs. Obinwa told journalists that she acted in anger.

The third case was that of a 29 year-old lady named Mrs. Sandra Obiosio, a native of River State, a resident of Jabi Area of Abuja. She was accused of getting a 12 year-old girl as a house help from Nasarawa State last year, who she usually mistreated and forced to do the whole house chores, take care of her children and was beaten regularly by her madam. Mrs. Obiosio, however, denied the allegations.


The last case was that of a 37 year old Mr. Francis Yusuf from Plateau State who was being prosecuted for raping his wife’s 17 year-old cousin living with them in their Jikwoyi residence in Abuja.


Comedian Okey Bakassi calls Nigerian pastors ignorant

We all know that religion is a very serious issue in Nigeria. A lot of people see their religion as better than the rest, having different beliefs and they expect that others should respect that perspective. This has spurned the latest of rants from several men of God concerning Nigerian comedians.

Recently, some pastors have lashed at comedians accusing them of making light of the message of God. The few pastors who have disapproved of such comedians for it have asked why they are quick to crack jokes about Christianity and say little or nothing about other religions.

While defending his colleagues in an exclusive chat, veteran Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakassi, who has been in the business for 25 years, replied that such pastors were speaking out of ignorance. He said, “I think sometimes people talk out of ignorance. With due respect to what people believe in; when some of these pastors talk, you see a lot of ignorance. If you do not understand some aspects of a business, you either keep quiet or ask questions.

“You can also do your research. We do not talk so much about Islam simply because most comedians are Christians and we understand our own religion more than other religions, so we try to stay away from subjects we know nothing about.

“Do you want us to talk about a religion we know nothing about and stand the risk of misinforming the public as opposed to talking about what we know and understand? Even the pastors, do they talk about Islam on the pulpits? Is it not Christianity they talk about and don’t they make light of some things in the Bible just to get their message across? So why is it that some people just like to pick on comedians as if we are the only problem they have? I think it is ignorance.”

Incidentally, the actor and comedian, who recently celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary  to his wife, talked about how it would not be easy for anyone to be married to an entertainer.

“For me, marriage has been an amazing experience. It has been challenging for my wife. I doff my hat for anybody who is married to an entertainer, especially when they are not in the same business as it can be emotionally challenging to have a partner who is always out there all the time, mingling with all manner of people.

“If you have a partner who has been with you for 17 years, they must trust you a lot. Trust me, in those years, there must have been a lot of tolerance. Half the time you are not even at home as you are away entertaining lots of people.”

“My wife has been my backbone and everything I accomplish today, I give my wife the credit because if she did not hold the home front together and allow me do what I had to do, this job would not be easy for me. My job is to make people happy and if the home front is not good, then my job would be difficult. She has done an amazing job and I am very grateful for that.”

Why we revoked Skye Bank’s license – CBN

Earlier this evening, the Governor of Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele announced that it has revoked the operating license of Skye Bank Plc . This action was not a surprise one as CBN had taken a regulatory action on the 4th July 2016 on Skye bank Nigeria PLC of which the action led to the resignation of the Chairman, all Non-Executive Directors on the Board as well as the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, and the two longest- serving Executive Directors on the Management Team.

At that time, the proactive decision was reached following the inability of the owners of the bank to shore up the capital of the distressed bank which had earlier received a N350 billion intervention in July 2016. It happened as a result of some unacceptable corporate governance lapses as well as the continuous failure of Skye Bank PLC to meet minimum approach in critical prudential and adequacy ratios, which brought about the bank’s permanent presence at the CBN Lending Window. CBN said it revoked Skye Bank’s licence because the bank requires urgent recapitalisation. As a result, Polaris Bank has taken over the assets and liabilities of Skye Bank with immediate effect.

Polaris is a bridge bank set up in concert with NDIC and AMCON and the unveiling was a guarded secret until Emefiele’s announcement in Lagos today.

“The focus of the action then was to save depositors’ funds and to ensure that the bank continued as a going concern, being an important bank. Part of our intention was also to stem the imminent job losses to staff if a liquidation option had been adopted. These objectives have been fully achieved and the bank has been able to meet customer obligations, having stopped the liquidity bleeding and restored depositor confidence.

“Indeed, the bank’s performance has improved considerably compared to the pre-July 2016 era. “The result of our examinations and forensic audit of the bank has, however, revealed that Skye bank requires urgent funding as it can no longer continue to live on borrowed times with indefinite liquidity support from the CBN. The shareholders of the bank have been unable to fund it.

“As a responsible and responsive regulator and in consultation with the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), we decided to establish a bridge bank, Polaris Bank, to take over the assets and liabilities of Skye bank. The strategy is for the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) to fund the Bridge Bank and begin the process of sourcing investors to buy out AMCON. By this decision, the license of the defunct Skye Bank is hereby revoked.

“We wish to assure all account owners that under this arrangement, their deposits shall remain safe and that normal banking services shall continue in the new bank on Monday, 24th September, 2018, to enable customers to transact their businesses seamlessly. Thus, all customers of Skye Bank shall be automatic customers of the new bank and their accounts and records duly purchased by Polaris Bank.

“Given the good performance of the board and management, the CBN shall retain them. In addition, all employees of Skye Bank shall be taken in by Polaris Bank under a new contract unless any employee decides to opt out. We wish to assure the general public that the Nigerian banking industry remains safe and resilient and that the CBN will continue to live up to its responsibilities of promoting stability in the banking and financial system.”

Even Years After The Ghana Must Go Crisis Ghana Started Sending Nigerians Back Home

Ghana Immigration set to deport 72 Nigerian allegedly engaged in prostitution
Seventy-two Nigerian women and a Togolese, are to be deported by the Enforcement Unit of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) for being in the country illegally.

Image result for pictures from time of ghana must go

Most of the Nigerian deportees were also said to have engaged in prostitution in Ghana, apart from lacking the requisite resident permits.
They were arrested along with nine Ghanaians in a swoop at the Redco Flats neighbourhood at Madina in Accra on Thursday, September 20.

Ghana Immigration set to deport 72 Nigerian women allegedly engaged in prostitution

The Ghanaians are to be handed over to the Ghana Police Service for prosecution.
Briefing newsmen during a Press Conference yesterday, Public Affairs of the GIS, Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI), Linda Asare Mantey, at a press briefing said the swoop was based on intelligence the service gathered.

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According to her, 20 of the suspects were arrested at the Junior Hotel at Madina whilst the rest were arrested in the same vicinity, which is noted for prostitution activities.
She said the foreign nationals would be repatriated to their home countries whilst the Ghanaian nationals would be handed over to the police for further investigations and prosecution.

Image result for pictures of nigerian women being deported

Supt. Mantey said although eight of the foreign nationals claimed they had passports, they could not produce any such documents, explaining that “the GIS has requested for their travel certificates from the Nigerian High Commission as well as the Togo Embassy to send

Image result for pictures of nigerian women being deported

The suspects, she said, had refused to give details of their presence in the country, including when they entered Ghana.
According to her, the suspects “have built ghettos and kiosks where they operate,” adding that some of the suspects were arrested in the act.

Related image

It is illegal to come to the country and engage in prostitution,” she said, cautioning prospective foreign nationals and Ghanaians who engage in such practices to desist from it.
Supt. Mantey also cautioned owners and managers of hotel facilities who hire their facilities out to irregular migrants and locals to use for prostitution to refrain from it, saying “We will go after them.”

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She gave a hint that the Enforcement Unit of GIS would embark on similar exercises in other areas where both irregular foreign nationals and locals engage prostitution activities.

BREAKING: Many losses job as Skye Bank’s license withdrawn by CBN Polaris bank takes over

The Central Bank of Nigeria has withdrawn the operating licence of Skye Bank.
Umar Ibrahim, chairman of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), made this known to journalists today Friday September 21st.

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The former Skye Bank which has been taken over by the Assets Management Corporations of Nigeria (AMCON) will now be known as Polaris Bank.

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Skye Bank Plc is a product of the merger of five legacy banks as a result of the banking industry consolidation and recapitalization exercise of 2005. The legacy banks were Prudent Bank Plc, EIB International Plc, Bond Bank Limited, Reliance Bank Limited and Co-operative Bank Plc.

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Following the merger and the seamless integration of the disparate resources, personnel, IT infrastructure, culture and procedures, the bank has since grown into a formidable financial institution showing strong growth and profitability and providing unique financial solutions to a wide customer base both in Nigeria and in the three West African subsidiaries of Sierra Leone, Gambia and Guinea.

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In 2014, in our continuous quest to provide better customer experience, Skye Bank won the bid to acquire the 100 per cent ownership stake of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) in Mainstreet Bank Limited, a deal which made Skye Bank one of the top four banks in Nigeria.


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Mainstreet Bank’s operations has since been integrated into the bank’s operations in one of the smoothest and hitch free integration process recorded in the Nigerian banking industry, enabling it to offer banking services to a wider segment of the Nigerian population and with significant positive impact on the bank’s balance sheet, financial performance and profitability.

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Skye Bank is quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) with over 450,000 diverse shareholders with a shareholding structure that puts no more than 5% in the control of any one individual or company.

Numbers fared dead as shiite members lunches attack on soldiers {Breaking }

A clash between soldiers and Shiite members in Yobe state has reportedly led to the death of a teenager

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Three other persons were injured in the fight that erupted on Friday, September 21 – The fight reportedly started when soldiers tried to disrupt a peaceful protest by the Shiites A teenager has reportedly been killed by a stray bullet while three other persons sustained various degrees of injuries after a clash between officers of the Nigerian Army and members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Yobe state.

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we gathered that the clash which occurred on Friday, September 21, in Potiskum, reportedly started after members of IMN popularly known as Shiite Muslims finished their early morning prayers. The Punch reports that the commissioner of police in the state, Abdulmaliki Sunmonu, who confirmed the incident to journalists said that three persons were injured during the clash.

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Sunmonu, however, said he doesn’t have enough details about the incident and promised to update journalists later. A member of the IMN group, El-Tafseer, who spoke to the press said soldiers attacked them with guns and sticks. He said: “We just sighted the soldiers armed with guns and sticks approaching us. They started beating and harassing us to disperse.

Image result for pictures of shiite members attacking soldiers

“We began to run when they fired gunshots indiscriminately. Three people were injured and a teenager, not our member, was hit by a stray bullet in the head. “He died in the hospital. “They also arrested Malam Gambo Abbas and detained him.”

Image result for pictures of shiite members attacking soldiers

earlier reported that Shiite members, on Tuesday, September 18, protested the continued detention of the its leader, Ibrahim El-zakzaky. Members of the movement went ahead with their protest in Kaduna state despite the ban placed on their activities and all other forms of protests in the state by the state government. Protesters embarrass Lagos Chief Judge on women’s day


See how this Reckless Woman Refuses To Break Car Window To Rescue Her Trapped baby

Avery careless and reckless Nigerian lady who accidentally locked her child in the car and forget the key, has refused bystanders to break her glass to rescue the child due to reason best known to her.


According to a Facebook user identified as OG david, the woman did’t consent to breaking her car window, rather she pleaded with the crowd to find another means to gain entry into the car to rescue the trapped child while her baby was inside the car suffocating.

He wrote;

Aunty susu pls post. On my way back from saloon yesterday at Benin city, agip @6:03pm. We saw a crowd. We decide to park and check what’s going on. A lady locked her child in the car and forgot the key inside. The child was crying and sweating. I stood for over 15m watching the scene o.


People were busy shouting “madam make we break d glass” i was shocked the woman didn’t agree, She was pleading for them to find a means of opening the car with a child sweating and and crying bitterly. What’s d world turning too please. People now value property more than life. God please blow trumpet!, he wrote.


Nigeria prone to experience earthquake after a tremor occurred in Abuja

Abuja Earth Tremor: Presidential committee submits report, gives details The presidential committee on the recent earth tremor in Abuja has finally come up with its report, saying that earthquake has become a potential hazard in Nigeria.

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The chairman of the committee and the Director General of the National Space Research and Development Agency, Prof Seidu Mohammed, made this known while presenting the report of the committee to the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu in Abuja yesterday.

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This disclosure was contained in a statement made available to journalists at the end of the presentation by the Head, Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Science and Technology, AbdulGaniyu Aminu

Image result for pictures earthquake

Prof. Mohammed said ?A study conducted by Julius Berger on the geological, hydrological and geotechnical investigation for Abuja identified Mpape as a shear zone that was weak with several fractures and faults system.?

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He further explained that the country was now prone to seismic hazards following a recent earthquake occurrence in Kwoi, Kaduna State; Saki, Oyo State and Ibgogene in Bayelsa State all in 2016.

Image result for pictures earthquake

The latest, he added, occurred on September 7, 2018, in Mpape, Abuja. ?Though, these earthquakes may have been of low-magnitude, it is now certain that earthquake occurrence has become a potential hazard to the nation,? Mohammed was quoted to have said,

Image result for pictures earthquake

He explained further that water extraction and recharge imbalance from aquifer were causing hydrological instability along the fractures.
The existence of 110,000 boreholes within Abuja metropolis with about 330,000 metric tonnes of water drilled daily was not suitable, he added.

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In view of the challenges that hinder efficient forecasting, detection and monitoring of earthquakes in Nigeria, the committee recommended the procurement and installation of more seismometers and GPS sensors/equipment for the enlargement and networking of the Nigeria National Network of Seismographic Stations.

Image result for pictures earthquake

The committee further recommended a detailed seismic tectonic study using state-of-the-art equipment of the area and the entire country.
Onu, in his response, said the Federal Government would conduct further research and monitor earthquake-prone areas in Abuja and other parts of the country so as to predict and forestall probable negative fall-outs in the future

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The Minister also said now was the right time that Nigeria worked on the building code and materials used in housing construction in case tremor occurred in the future.
He said that the buildings and building materials should be such could withstand any likely tremor.